Are You Disconnected By Social Media?

social media

When is that last time you called your friend to congratulate her on a new job, promotion, engagement or birthday?  Have you gone to visit a friend who recently had a baby, called to hear her voice or sent a card?  What about when you hear the devastating news or a friend being diagnosed with a serious illness or experienced a loss in the family?  Are you more apt to respond to an online post or comment or text, than you are to call or visit?

I’ve  recently started to notice  about how popular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become. It is connecting people like never before – is what it is and has been doing, for so many people for such a long time.  Awesome!  Being adopted, I even located my birth mothers family by being on Facebook, but the more people I have talked to while providing onsite services in their living rooms,  I’ve learned the Facebook effect is taking a toll on family and friends in many ways and what we are noticing  is a “disconnection” with our lives and how we use to connect “back in the day” pre-social media.

What I mean is, we experience less of an  “intimate and personal connection”. Whereas before we might have called a friend, met for lunch or coffee, called or met for a birthday dinner, or visited to help with a new baby, we now do it online.  I started to question  the benefits of being connected to our friends and families 24/7, limiting us engaging in the physical act of meeting, even talking or hearing each others voices? Especially without balance.

We have our lives sitting on a timeline and this is our new pub, bar, living room and kitchen table and celebration in in one.

When I started my business in 2004 it was for the sole purpose of “allowing  friends and family to spoil themselves for a few hours and connect in a relaxed atmosphere. In this fast paced world, pampering is last on the list of priorities.” During this time social media was no where near what it used to be. Facebook founded in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and Instagram in 2010

So, log out, shut down and get connected – It’s time to get communicating the way we used to. For as little as $35 per person we bring the spa to you.  Its simple, have everyone bring a dish, and leave the rest up to us! I have declared November Friends and Family Physical Connection Month!

Book a Spa Party for the month of November.  Its not only a time to be thankful but get connected!! All hosts of November spa parties will receive a signature bottle of Pamper Perfect wine and their services for FREE (Up to $195 Value)!

SIpping, noshing and connecting.  See what everyone is up to in person, not from your status updates and uploaded photos!

Allison T Moore CEO Pamper Perfect



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