The New Perfect Birthday

Who remembers what its like to turn 10?  Well without aging myself, I can remember the Perfect Birthday Party!  we would be piled in the basement.  Momma baked a Duncan Hines with Betty Crocker frosting..we taped a couple of balloons and streamers to the wall blindfolded for pin the tail on the donkey.. ate hot dogs on wonder bread and gulped down kool aid. Today, I’m not sure how many of us could throw a party like that and get away with it. That’s not what Jessica wanted! There is now a NEW Perfect Birthday!  She was very specific, loves pink, loves Reese cups and loves manis and pedis.  That’s just what she got.  Mom, Dad and Grandma had a hard time finding a service that could bring the party to them. They decided to forgo the hassle of appointments and opted for the Pamper Perfect Princess Experience.  We rolled out the pink carpet, brought loads of Jessica’s faves and she could barely contain her excitement.  She enjoyed the comfort of the spa in her own living room with 3 of her best gal pals and oh yeah…. Gracie

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Know a little girl who would love the New Perfect Birthday?  Please share with parents of little girls ages 6-12!








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