Are You Living in The Moment?


Two weeks ago, I was getting a spa pedicure. And, It didn’t even feel like a ‘spa service’ because my mind was racing and calculating all of the things that I could & should be doing. Instead of ‘LIVING IN THE MOMENT’; unfortunately, I was treating the pedicure as another thing to cross off of my to-do list!
I know the saying, “WE ARE ALL GIVEN THE SAME 24 HOURS IN A DAY”! But for some reason it feels like, I’m always rushing around trying to beat this ‘unseen’ clock. At work, I’m trying to give quality service in an appropriate time frame. At home, I’m trying to make sure that I get enough ‘mommy-daughter’ time in with Chloe. Thennnnn, we have to factor in family, exercise, socializing (with people over the age of 21) and not to mention church, or the synagogue, or the mosque. I often hear my friends say…

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