Today is National Proposal Day! Are you ready for marriage?

Affirm -I am content to wait to get married.

I am in a loving relationship, and I am perfectly content with the way things are at the moment. Therefore, I am patient to wait, instead of jumping into a marriage before I am ready to do so.

Aside from parenting, marriage is the strongest commitment one can make in life. Though I love my partner dearly, I choose to wait until I am sure I am ready to take that final step.

In time, we may decide to take our relationship to the next step. But, for now, I choose to slow down.

My patience can be rewarded, in the proper time, with a lifelong marriage that I can cherish dearly.

When I decide that it is the right time for me to get married, I do so for the right reasons. I plan to get married only when I’m totally sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with the person I love. Until that assurance comes to my heart, I ignore the social pressure and protect myself.

For now, my partner and I savor life together as an unmarried couple.

Today, I choose patience, rather than haste, in making marriage plans. I choose to listen to my heart and enjoy the relationship with my partner with little pressure. I am free to be myself, and I enjoy that freedom. I choose to wait to get married until I am completely sure that marriage is the right thing for me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Does my partner share the same stance on starting a family, finances, and home ownership?
  2. How would our lives change if my partner and I got married?
  3. Am I in love with my partner, or with the idea of having a wonderful wedding?

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