Perfect Mani Pedi Pairings


One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at our Pamper Perfect Spa Parties is “Do my nails and toes have to match?”

With summer pedis being in full swing ladies would like to know the mani pedi code of conduct so here it is!  You don’t have to match!! It’s quite trendy and fashionable to mix and match your polish hues and dare to be different.

I came across a fabulous article by Laura Conrad who shared some perfect Mani Pedi pairings I had to pass along! So at your next appointment mix it up and try one of these fab combos!

Perfectly Yours,


Pedis Are Not Optional!

I recently completed a bride consultation gathering information to decide on the best spa party options!

“I don’t really need a pedi, my shoes are not open toe.”

No way! I reply.  Its a must.  Pedis aren’t optional

Despite what many people may feel, pedis are more than just a fu fu frilly spa treatment for the elite! They are more than just pretty polish and a nail trim.  They are proper foot care. Its amazing how we spend our beauty dollars on make up, fitness regimens and even nail care, however our feet carry the total weight of our body for our ENTIRE LIFE, and it still is last on the list OR considered only during the summer during open toe season!

So do yourself a favor and treat yourself all year round to a proper pedi. every 6-8 weeks in the Fall and Winter and every 2-4 weeks in the Spring and Summer. Your feet will thank you! Better yet host a pedi party and your service is FREE!

Please share with all your gal pals (and men friends).  Their feet need love too!