Allison T Butler (Garrett)

Bio: Known as Americas Prison Break Coach Allison T Garrett's own rise from being discarded being aged out foster care to prominence deems her an expert on personal and professional success. Allison lived a life plagued with abuse, addiction and crime. With an abusive past, low self-esteem and no one to guide her, she went to detention and developed her own method of recovery by redefining success. Through persistence and determination, Allison refused to allow her past to define her. While having many natural barriers, she recognized that her greatest barrier was her own thinking and behavior that posed a continued risk. Using her past to fuel the passions, she became a certified life coach, published author, speaker and entrepreneur. The development of The Prison Break Success System©, which shows women how to get out of 'prison', came from her very own personal prison break. Allison works with professional women who struggle with life's setbacks and help them break free from their mental prison, so they can experience true freedom in their lives and business, spiritually, relationally, professionally and emotionally. Allison spends her time advocating for criminal justice involved females and gender specific programming. This extraordinary woman has a wonderful husband, two amazing children, Kahlil and Jayda, and granddaughters Nova 5 and MarlerRay 1. Her motto is "If at first you don't succeed...redefine success"

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