How to Plan a Spa Bridal Shower


How to Plan a Spa Bridal Shower

With engagement season in full swing and proposals occurring over the next several days during the Christmas/ New Year holiday, we may have to begin planning a bridal shower.
A spa bridal shower is the perfect way to spend time together with close friends and to give the bridal entourage some indulgent pampering before the wedding day. It’s also a time to soothe tired minds and bodies. A spa bridal shower can be conveniently held at home or in a hotel wirh spa professionals from Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa!

Like other bridal showers, this should be hosted by the maid of honor with the help of the bridal entourage or a close female relative of the bride’s. Typically, a bridal shower is held a few months before the wedding or the day before.

A Checklist of Things To-Do

Pre-planning: A month or two before the party

Planning for a spa bridal shower with lots of spare time is the best way to ensure that you’ll have a successful event everyone will remember.

Decide on the date. The ideal day would be over the weekend as this when most people will be available. Consult the bride and make sure she’s available on the day.
Decide where you will host. Pamper Perfect is able to set up in any traditional living room, family room or basement. Reserving a hotel room or suite is a great option as well. Check with PP for bridal packages and select one that best suits your group.

Plan your budget. Set a budget for the whole event and ask the other members of the bridal entourage to chip in. By doing this, you avoid over-spending and depleting your savings.
Send your invitations. The moment you have the basic details like date, location, and guest list, send out your bridal shower invitations. You can buy pre-made invitations, or you can order online.
Planning the Details: 4 to 6 weeks before the party

A significant event like this happens just once in a bride’s life, so guarantee her special day by taking care of the important details of the party.

Food – since having a spa is all about being healthy, the food should be healthy and simple as well. Try to serve salads, deli sandwiches, fruit salads, cheese and crackers, and veggies with dip. For your drinks, serve fruit juices or fruit punch with floating slices of fruits. Keep plenty of water on hand too.


Guests – traditionally, the guests for the bridal shower include the bridal party, close female relatives of the bride and groom, as well as close female friends of the bride. However, be sure that all guests will be invited to the wedding as well.

Spa set-up – if you’re having the bridal shower with Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa, we bring all equipment and supplies. You may still want to add special touches.

Pre-arrange the packages that will be available to guests to avoid any unforeseen expenses. If you have a large group, you can set-up a spa stations. Have a massage station, a facial center, and mani-pedi place.  Be sure to play some relaxing music and decorate in soft colors to keep the soothing mood.
Favors – consider bridal shower favors that fit your theme of a spa. Give aromatherapy oils, scented candles, or bath salts and package them nicely within a lovely favor box tied with some personalized ribbon.
Spa Bridal Shower Etiquette FAQs


Here are some common questions for hosting a spa bridal shower:

Who hosts the bridal shower?

Traditionally the maid of honor is responsible for hosting the bridal shower. However, nowadays it can be anyone, even the bride’s co-workers. Just make sure that the same people won’t get invited to another bridal shower because it can be too costly for them.

Who pays for the event?

The host shoulders the cost of the shower, which is in this case the maid or matron of honor. But, she can ask the other girls in the wedding party to share with the expenses.

Do brides-to-be really need a bridal shower?

It’s up the host and the bridal entourage if they want to celebrate the wedding with a pre-event like a bridal shower. However, wedding events can be costly, so consider combining the bridal shower and bachelorette party to avoid duplicating costs. Just make sure that the theme is appropriate to all guests present.

What kind of gifts do you bring at a bridal shower?

If you have a theme going on, then a gift that fits the theme is great. Traditionally, bridal shower gifts include items to be used on the wedding night or any item that is specifically for the bride to be and not for the couple.


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10 Holiday Party Tips-How to Entertain Guests

img_5657Kimberly Fusaro says; woe get it: Knickknacks, plastic toys and your kids’ art projects multiply while you’re sleeping. But the more serene your home is, the more serene your guests will feel. So use your party as an opportunity to clear out the extras. Stow toys in a room with a closed door, and tuck two-thirds of your tchotchkes (especially the breakable ones) in a box. Cut down the number of framed photos on the mantel to one or two. “Wedding portraits isn’t a proper home decor theme,” points out Stephanie. And pare down the fridge door decorations: Permission slips, rec center schedules and your kids’ last three report cards can be moved to a drawer for the night.

3. Dress up your home. Cleaning up is part one of creating ambiance. Part two: making your home as special as you want the evening to be. So it should look nicer than it does when, say, your best friend swings by to pick up your kids for soccer practice. Try switching off the overhead lights and setting out lots of unscented votive candles across mantels and down the center of tables, suggests Madhu Puri, entertaining editor for shopping site One Kings Lane and their online magazine Live.Love.Home. Add pops of color with unfussy floral arrangements: Choose a single variety—poppies, carnations, even baby’s breath—and cut the stems at varying heights for a stress-free display.

4. Do another sweep through your bathroom. This is one private space that all your guests will have access to, so make sure it’s pristine. “I don’t need to see your fluffy bathrobe or know what type of birth control you’re on,” says Elizabeth from Portland, OR. After you’ve cleared out personal items and swept the floor, make your loo guest-friendly with a scented candle, clean hand towels and extra rolls of toilet paper.

5. Stick with a menu of familiar, easy-to-cook foods. This isn’t the night to test those high-effort vegan Slovakian recipes you clipped from a magazine. The point of a party is for everyone—including you!—to mix and mingle, so make sure your party-day to-do list is minimal. “Your guests are there to spend time with you,” says Elizabeth, “so please don’t attempt something you’ve never cooked before or take on more than you have time for.” Pick crowd-pleasing dishes you can prep beforehand and finish quickly when guests arrive.

6. Have no-cook snacks at the ready. In spite of your careful planning, don’t count on dishes being done when guests show up—and don’t make anyone starve! “I make sure my guests can graze while I finish cooking,” says Puri. Nuts, cheeses, cured meats and chips can be set out in seconds, and they’re the perfect small bites for guests to nibble on while they wait for cooked food to be served.

7. Set up your bar and glassware ahead of time. Rather than rushing to get each new guest a drink, encourage everyone to help themselves. You don’t need to put out a full bar; just arrange a few bottles of wine and a small tub of iced beers—and don’t forget a pitcher of water and plenty of glasses. “Your guests will be thirsty when they arrive,” says Puri. “Think ahead and you’ll save yourself time spent getting every guest a glass of water.”

8. Choose your playlist in advance. Music should already be playing when your first guests arrive. That way, you don’t get stuck fumbling with the stereo while they stand around in awkward silence. “You want your home to feel inviting,” says Puri. “And music creates instant atmosphere.” If you don’t have time to pick individual songs from your music library, check out, where you can type in an artist or genre, and the site will churn out a nonstop selection of fitting tunes.

9. Make cleanup easy for everyone. Right after your guests reach for an hors d’oeuvre, they’ll look for somewhere to wipe their hands. “If you’re serving finger food, put out cocktail napkins,” says Puri. Similarly, have small bowls for discarded toothpicks and olive pits on hand. To keep buffet tables from getting overrun with used plates and napkins, set out a few small, discreet trash bins, and leave a tray for empty glasses just outside the kitchen.

10. Don’t apologize! Once the party’s going, avoid pointing out flaws, like that the floors need re-finishing or your sofa’s outdated. “Stop apologizing for your house!” says Stephanie. “Your home is lovely and you should feel confident about it.” To that end, also bite your tongue if you’re worried the food is sub-par. “Explaining why the risotto didn’t turn out well only makes it less appealing for your guests,” says Elizabeth, “and it forces them to work overtime to assure you how well everything turned out.”

‘Footnanny Foot Cream and Salt Treatment Set’ Makes Oprah’s Favorite Things List Again

We use Foot Nanny Foot Cream and she listed us as giving the best pedicures in the zip code!!!!

Great Article From
5 NOV 2016

*Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016 announced the selection of the limited edition Rose Footnanny Treatment Gift Set – Rose Foot Cream and Rose & Lime Aromatic Foot Salts– with a bonus pair of spa socks (valued at $132) as part of Ms. Winfrey’s highly-anticipated annual holiday gift guide. The Footnanny Foot Treatment Gift Set is described as the ultimate indulgence for your feet.

“I love roses and the Footnanny Foot Cream and Foot Salts, are a great combination,” said Winfrey. The gift set is offered at 20 percent off with the code Oprah for a limited time at and The Favorite Things edition of O, The Oprah Magazine is available online or at newsstands on November 8. You can shop the 2016 Favorite Things online at and, or order by phone at (888) 698-4785. For a great year round gift and holiday stocking stuffer, shop all the Footnanny products at the Footnanny App.

“There’s a reason Footnanny has made the list for three years in a row: it’s just incredible! Founder Gloria Williams and I sniffed so many scents before settling on rose and rose-lime.” — Oprah



“Thank you Oprah for the 3-peat. I am honored to be included in O Magazine’s List for an unprecedented third year in a row,” said Celebrity Pedicurist Gloria L. Williams aka Footnanny who expanded her brand to include the new fragrance rose and lime foot bath salts with therapeutic properties of essential oils of rose and lime combined with a blend of four salts: Himalayan, Dead Sea, Foaming Sea Salt, and Epsom to create the perfect balance of a natural foot detox.

“My creams are made with a blend of shea and cocoa butters, aromatherapy, and vitamins in a rich cream designed especially for feet,” said Williams, a certified reflexologist. “I chose rose essential oils for its refreshing floral effect, which can evoke the spirit of love and romance, and especially in loving memory of my dear mother who adored the smell and feel of roses.”

Gloria Williams

Promoting health and wellness for feet globally is Williams’ mission. The Footnanny Treatment sets have been the ultimate indulgence for Ms. Winfrey, her long-time companion Stedman Graham and best friend Gayle King. Celebrities, such as First Lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama, Maria Shriver, 2016 Olympian Gold Medalist Justin Rose, Taraji P. Henson, Randy Jackson, Lady Gaga, Loretta Devine, Omar Gooding, A$AP Rocky, Cicely Tyson, Julia Roberts, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Bellamy Young, Sela Ward, Rita Wilson, Patrick Faucette, Paula Jai Parker, Christy Turlington, Keri Russell, and more have experienced the Footnanny “dream” cream and salts.

Footnanny is on Twitter and Instagram @Footnanny. Like her on Facebook to get tips about foot care. To connect with Footnanny, send a note to

7 Ways to Instantly Escalate Conflict in Marriage

imageI loved this so much on I had to share ❤️

7 Ways to Instantly Escalate Conflict
September 15, 2016
Written with love, by Karley Kiker

We’ve all read articles on how to avoid conflict, but does that mean our relationships are completely devoid of disagreements? I think you already know the answer to that question, but just in case, I’ll throw out a response for you. NO. At least in the case of my marriage, that is.

I’m capable of feeling tired. I’m capable of feeling hungry. I’m (definitely) capable of feeling hangry. And all of these states of being have been proven to contribute to the conflict-creating equation.

So if we can’t avoid conflict entirely, what can we do to help put out fires as quickly as possible? I’d give you a few ideas, but I think it would be a lot more fun if we took a look at this question from the opposite side of the coin. Let’s talk about…


1. Place all the blame on your opponent (ahem…spouse)

It’s pretty rare for one party to actually be 100% in the wrong, so to be on the safe side, just consider it an impossibility and own your part.

2. Walk away while the other person is still talking
7 Ways to Instantly Escalate Conflict
Some people need space in order to process things, calm down, and/or keep themselves from saying something they know they’ll regret 10 minutes later. But it’s still a good idea to set guidelines for taking a cool-off walk when you’re not in the middle of conflict. (i.e., “If we feel like we need to take a step back and clear our heads, we will verbally communicate that before excusing ourselves.”) Because from experience, pealing out for Whole Foods mid-argument is only a temporary high. And just because you cooled off while browsing the frozen produce aisle doesn’t mean he’s been doing the same at home.

3. Throw out a curse word (or four)

Letting a big one fly might feel like it’s helping you make your point in the moment, but what it’s really doing is taking your argument from innocuous to explosive in 10 seconds or less.

4. Use superlatives

“You always say…”

“You never do…”

You get the idea…

5. Go public

Raise your voice in a public place. Argue in front of your in-laws. Cause a general sense of discomfort and embarrassment. Whichever you choose, it will not go well for you.

6. Give your spouse the silent treatment

Guaranteed to cause enormous levels of frustration, especially if your spouse is a “talk it out” kind of person.

7. Bring up the past

Maybe it’s an old argument. Maybe it’s an old girlfriend. Either way, if the hatchet has been buried (and by “buried” I mean healthily resolved and previously forgiven), then by all means leave it there. If you want to cut your spouse to the core and cause a serious rift in your relationship, resurrect an indiscretion or stoke the fire of their shame. There’s almost nothing more painful than weaponizing the past and using it against the person we promised to love no matter what.

I’d close out this column by telling you that everything on this list should be classified as “do not try this at home,” but again…you already know. Let’s do a little experimenting with the opposite—acknowledging our part, hearing out our spouse, controlling our response, avoiding “always” and “never,” remaining in the present—and see how quickly we’re able to move from meltdown to make-up the next time conflict occurs.

Benefits of Hiring Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa

Mobile spa companies offer on-site beauty and relaxation treatments that can be given to an individual or a large group. Often, this company will be utilized to enhance an event by offering guests an opportunity to engage in a beauty treatment on the spot. Although the services offered by the company may differ, they generally offer a variety of services that include massage, manicures and makeup application. In today’s fast-paced workplace and hectic social world, a mobile spa is a welcome source of entertainment at a variety of events that can offer significant benefits to corporate and personal event planners.

Events that Benefit
Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa can be utilized to add an interesting element to any event. Large companies are now beginning to hire mobile spa companies to offer their employees a way to relax in order to increase creativity and production. Smaller companies, such as schools and city services, are beginning to hire a mobile spa company to provide a way to show appreciation to their employees for special events. Smaller events, such as weddings and birthdays, are also a great reason to hire a mobile spa company so that each guest can feel honored to be a part of the special day. For weddings, many brides choose to use a mobile spa to help their wedding party get dressed for the big event.

Services Offered
There are many types of services that are offered. However, facials and massage are the most popular services requested. This is due to the large amount of people who can benefit from the relaxation and pain relief that a treatment can offer. When a person hires a mobile spa for their event, they receive a versatile service that can be tailored to any type of occasion. For example, a mobile spa can create a romantic atmosphere for a couples massage or they can offer employees an outdoor package within a casual environment.

Public Appreciation
When a person chooses to hire a spa for their event, they are able to show their guests that they are appreciated. For this reason, spas are utilized by companies who would like to recognize their employees by providing them with a relaxing incentive. Additionally, mobile spas can be used for bachelorette parties, reunions and other gatherings where a person wants to pamper their guests and make them feel special. When it comes to showing appreciation, there are few better ways than to offer a person a relaxing retreat that provides instant gratification.

Generate Social Media Interest
Any event that has a mobile spa is sure to generate a great deal of social media interest as guests post photos of their spa treatments. This is most beneficial for companies who can maximize their exposure through authentic posts created by satisfied employees and other guests. Because everyone will love to brag about their massage, a brand will receive exposure through each person’s social media page.
The benefits of hiring Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa for an event go much further than one simple beauty treatment. As guests begin to relax, the event will also benefit from a conversational atmosphere that can lead to many wonderful memories. In addition to relaxing, each guest will feel pampered and will generate a positive response that can make any event stand out from the rest. Visit our website at or call 866-947-9994 to book your Pamper Perfect Experience.

Crafty Bridal Shower Idea-Set Up A Mimosa Bar


Smarty Had A Party nails it with this crafty bridal shower idea!

Set up a Mimosa Bar!

Whether you are hosting an engagement party, bridal brunch, or a bachelorette weekend, setting up a mimosa bar is simple.  Start with champagne in a bucket of ice, carafes of juice and add bowls of fresh fruit. Don’t just stick with orange juice.  Try pineapple, grapefruit, cran-raspberry, blackberry and mango passion fruit.

It’s sure to be a hit! Cheers🍾








8 Excitng Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

EDLT Photo | | #edltphoto |

EDLT Photo 

We found this great article on Inside Weddings and had to share!
From classics like The Newlywed Game to purse raids, get ideas for your wedding shower.

Bridal showers offer an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the bride-to-be and “shower” her with gifts or advice. While the bride will certainly know everyone in attendance, her guests may not know each other – and nothing bonds guests quite like a common love for the bride, as well as fun bridal shower games and activities.

Fortunately, there are several bridal shower games that will start the party and encourage loved ones to engage with one another. Despite the different types of personalities in your group of guests, the following games and activities will keep attendees laughing with each other throughout the event.

Consider adding some of the bridal shower games, below, to the schedule of the day in order to plan a fun bridal shower that will be enjoyed by guests of all ages.

1. Funny Notes or Advice on Jenga Blocks
Jenga game at bridal shower
Encourage guests to leave wedding advice or funny notes on Jenga blocks. The bride and her beloved will enjoy reading the messages later and will be delightfully surprised when discovering what each guest wrote.

2. The Ring Pop Game
Bridal shower ring pop game
Ask your guests to wear one Ring Pop at the beginning of the event, and let them know to refrain from saying “bride” or “wedding” throughout the day. If a guest says one of those two keywords, the person who heard it first should take the ring from the guest who broke the rule. At the end of the shower, the person with the most rings wins a prize… and several Ring Pops!

3. Bridal Shower Trivia
Bridal shower trivia game card
Create a quiz including questions recalling anecdotes or characteristics of the bride-to-be or couple. Bridal shower attendees can circle their answers as the bride reads the questions aloud. The guest who answers the most questions correctly will win a prize.

4. Advice Cards
Advice card bridal shower activity
Provide guests with themed advice cards, so they can share wise and loving words with the bride-to-be. Guests will enjoy the chance to offer some words of wisdom and appreciate your interest in learning what they have to say.

5. The Purse Raid
Gold YSL wedding clutch on table
Create a list of items one may have in their purse, such as bobby pins, blush, or even risqué items, if you wish. At the bridal shower, the host will announce the items on the list one by one and will give a prize to the guest who pulls the corresponding item out of their purse first. Not only will it be fun competing with each other, but it will be interesting to see what everyone carries in their bags.

6. Photobooth Fun
Black and white stripe photo booth background
Provide a pretty backdrop for a group photo, which will make everyone feel included on the occasion.

Photo booth props on sticks
Make the event memorable by providing guests with themed props to use while taking photos at a photo booth. A variety of props will encourage guests to trade and interact with each other while posing for the camera.

7. “Don’t Say Bride” Drinking Game
Make it a rule that guests should take a sip of their beverage every time they say, “bride.” This game will keep guests attentive and engaged throughout the event. Provide alcoholic beverages such Champagne or signature cocktails for guests who would like to drink, and offer some non-alcoholic options as well. Cheers!
8. The Newlywed Game

Have a friend gather a list of relationship-centered questions, such as “What is your fiancé’s guilty pleasure?” and “Who takes longer to get ready?” Ask the host to interview and note your fiancé’s responses before the event. At the wedding shower, the bride-to-be will be interviewed in the hot seat and guests will compare the couple’s answers. Ask guests to take their stab at the questions for some added fun!

Authored by: Lynette Haro



Manis & Martinis For A Cause



Share with your girlfriends and host your very own girls nite! Only 10 Pamper Perfect reservations being accepted. Offer includes 4 onsite Shellac Manicures and Martinis (can be mocktails) DE Tri State Area only 💅🏼💅🏼❤️
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Office Holiday Party Your Employees Want To Attend


Holiday Party

Cinnamon and Honey Green Tea Smoothie Recipe


Cinnamon for your brain, honey for your allergies,
and green tea for just about everything else! 🙂

Preparing your own smoothie is an easy option for replacing a meal. In a few minutes, you can have a complete meal, full of beneficial nutrients. There are thousands of smoothie recipes that you can use with a Vitamix blender, which can make it difficult to find the exact recipe you are looking for.

If you are trying to find a morning meal replacement, then you will enjoy this cinnamon and honey green tea smoothie recipe.

The caffeine and antioxidants found in the green tea will provide you with your morning energy, while the honey will help to regulate your blood sugar levels. This will keep you on track and focused throughout the day, without leaving you with a sugar craving in the middle of the afternoon.

Before making this recipe, it should be noted that it requires fresh green tea. Brew a single cup of green tea before preparing your smoothie, using one or two green tea bags. You will require a half-cup of green tea to make the cinnamon and honey green tea smoothie. Pour the half-cup of green tea into a small airtight container and place in your fridge.

Cinnamon and Honey Green Tea Smoothie Ingredients

Along with the green tea, you will need a few additional ingredients. In addition to everything listed below, you can also add your choice of fresh, leafy greens, such as spinach or kale; though, this is not a requirement. Here are the basic ingredients for the cinnamon and honey green tea smoothie:

½ a cup of green tea
½ a banana (frozen)
½ a cup of almond milk (can be replaced with coconut milk or soymilk)
1 tablespoon of raw honey
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Cinnamon and Honey Green Tea Smoothie Directions

Add all of the ingredients to your Vitamix blender, starting with the green tea, then the milk, followed by the produce, honey, and cinnamon. Some people also prefer to add ice. If you choose to add ice, blend the ingredients for a minute, then add the ice and blend for another minute.

Blend the ingredients until smooth and then serve. This should make one large serving of the cinnamon and honey green tea smoothie.

Raw honey is a vital ingredient in this recipe. It contains an abundance of beneficial vitamins and minerals, while giving it the sweetness that would usually come from sugar. Among the ingredients found in raw honey, you will receive a healthy dose of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and vitamin C, as well as minerals – iron, copper, calcium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese.

This combination of nutrients will boost your energy, provide you with antioxidants, and support the development of healthy bacteria in your gut, while also preventing the growth of harmful bacteria or fungi.

A green tea smoothie is intended to cleanse your body and build up your immune system. This makes the cinnamon and honey green tea smoothie the perfect meal replacement for the cold or flu season. If you want to protect your body from the cold or flu, boost your metabolism, and improve your health, try drinking a cinnamon and honey green tea smoothie several times per week.

Thank you